About Us



Welcome to Prodigyy Beverages LLP, the epitome of luxury and exceptionality in the world of Alcobev.Helmed by Mr. Chetan Gupta, Prodigyy Beverages LLP is a one-of-its-kind unique 3-way alliance of strategic sales and marketing knowledge, retail strength, and modern distribution prowess. This allows us not only to identify the right products for the country but also to build brands in India.Our portfolio boasts a meticulously curated selection of premium wines and spirits sourced globally, transcending the ordinary to redefine industry standards. We embrace innovation and responsible practices, ensuring that each offering reflects our dedication to unparalleled quality. Social by nature, we believe in fostering connections over our carefully crafted beverages, always evolving to meet the demands of our discerning clientele. Our strategic approach ensures each offering embodies quality, diversity, and integrity, setting new standards within the industry.

Our Partner's

Chetan Gupta

Chetan Gupta brings over 23 years of diverse corporate experience across advertising, marketing, and sales. He has worked with companies such as Leo Burnett, Starcom, Asia Pacific Breweries, Allied Blenders and Distillers, and Diageo. With a proven track record across, Chetan brings to the table the required category knowledge, strategic expertise, and brand-building strength. His vision is to redefine distribution in India.

Manohar Dayaramani & Hiirren Dayaramani

Manohar Dayaramani and his son, Hiirren Dayaramani, bring on board the distribution experience of over three decades. Embracing technology and investing ahead of the curve, in technology and infrastructure, they have one of the best logistics and supply chain management in the business. Managing prestigious clients like Diageo, Ab InBev, and Sula, they are instrumental in propelling Prodigyy Beverages forward.

Moksh Sani & Manish Sani

Living Liquidz grew out of a cohesive family-run business in Mumbai in 1977 founded by a first-generation entrepreneur. As the New India story began to take off in the mid-90s, second-generation entrepreneurs Manesh and Mokksh Sani steered the company to become a customer-focused, retail, and experiential presence in the market. Along the way, they virtually rewrote the way liquor was bought and sold in India with new and innovative ways of connecting with and anticipating customer behavior.

Today, Living Liquidz is India largest retail conglomerate with 55 high street stores, and over 30 walk-in modern outlets, including shops at India busiest airports, Mumbai, and Bangalore, and is the most recognized retail brand in India. With a dedicated call center, a database of over 1 million consumers, and a delivery team of 400 people, Living Liquidz has rewritten the alco-bev retail business in the country.